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 A Natural Cure For Cancer? I believe, that given the right tools, the body, combined with a strong belief system, can naturally heal itself. Unfortunately, it is a very sad fact that more people die from chemotherapy than die from the cancer that the chemotherapy is trying to get rid of in the first place. It is not only toxic to cancer cells, it is also toxic to your body’s own good cells; as you will have seen if you have ever witnessed the terrible effects that it has had on anybody who has gone through chemotherapy.

There are two ‘alternative’ natural health products which we strongly recommend that you research very thoroughly before committing yourself to undergoing chemotherapy. There have so far been no clinical trials carried out on either of these products, nor on the two of them combined; as they are both naturally occurring, and therefore cannot be patented, they have no commercial value, and are therefore of no interest, to the big Pharmas and drug companies. Therefore, all our evidence is still purely anecdotal but we do have people, who have been given three weeks or less to live by their doctors, who have used this unique combination of natural products, and who have had complete remissions, and who are still alive today, and who remain completely cancer free. Most of the doctors involved with these cases simply refuse to believe the results that they have witnessed, as they say that it is impossible, and that you cannot simply cure cancer just like that… and they then say that their original diagnosis must have been mistaken in the first place… but the people who are still alive today are living proof and testimony to the fact that using the unique combination of these two products together really does have a very profound effect on eliminating cancer cells from the body.

1. L-Carnosine

 A 30g Tub of Ethos Endymion L-Carnosine is the first product; it's a dipeptide of the two amino acids Beta Alanine and L-Histidine. This substance is naturally occurring in all of our bodies, but it depletes with age by about ten percent per year, after we reach the age of 30. It was first discovered back in 1900 and scientists still haven’t fully ascertained its exact function within the body yet; but it appears to be a major part of the body’s own repair mechanism. Also, back in 2005 a study carried out at the University of South Florida College of Medicine proved that L-Carnosine increases the body’s own stem-cell production; these are the very basic building blocks of the body, and cells which can then go on to turn in to any part of the body where they are needed the most. A later study carried out in 2008 at the Lomonosov Moscow State University School of Biology also proved L-Carnosine’s unique ability to increase the efficiency of DOPA Therapy of Parkinson’s Disease patients.

L-Carnosine For the Treatment of Cancer

DAILY DOSAGE: We recommend taking 10g a day of L-Carnosine, dissolved in a 1 litre bottle of mineral water, and then drink from the bottle, half-hourly throughout the day, so that the last drops are drank just before sleeping.

You can read more about some of L-Carnosine’s other excellent health benefits, including its unique cellular rejuvenating properties, here:


4) In the first tests, it was noticed that one of the batches of normal medium cells had become contaminated with cancer cells. It was growing rapidly. When L-Carnosine was added to this dying population, the cell cultures became free of cancer cells! They tried it against seven different human cancers and every one showed the same result. It seems that as beneficial as L-Carnosine is to normal cells… it was selectively toxic to human cancer cells!

Also, as L-Carnosine is naturally occurring and endogenous to the human body, there are neither contraindications nor adverse side-effects, only beneficial side-effects, unlike virtually all prescribed drugs and especially chemotherapy. If you do opt for having chemotherapy then we very strongly advise that you take the L-Carnosine as well as it has excellent protective qualities and it will greatly reduce the damage to your good cells whilst also eradicating the cancer cells.

There are several different manufacturers of L-Carnosine and not all give the same results; some are ‘inert’ and not bio-active. So be sure to uses Ethos Endymion which is the very purest form of L-Carnosine in the world and is guaranteed to be bio-active.

The Role of Carnosine in Cellular Maintenance

 The Role of Carnosine in Cellular Maintenance

For further scientific papers, please visit pubmed.com and search for ‘Carnosine’ – there are well over 1,500 peer-reviewed studies there now, and ALL of them show beneficial effects, with absolutely no bad side-effects whatsoever.

2. Marine Phytoplankton

 100% Pure Organic Marine Phytoplankton 100% Pure Organic Marine Phytoplankton is the second product; there are over 40,000 different species of marine phytoplankton and they are microscopic, single-celled, organisms that live in our oceans. The name phytoplankton comes from the two Greek words; Phyton, which means plant, and plankton, which means drifter or wanderer. Marine phytoplankton contains 400 times more energy than any other living organic matter and thus it is a very potent and complete super-food for our bodies. It gives the body everything that it requires to develop and grow Ethos 100% Pure Organic Marine Phytoplankton healthy new cells plus it also provides essential neuro-chemicals like serotonin and dopamine for the brain. You’ve also probably already heard of the benefits of omega-3-6-&-9 fatty acids, and how important they are to the body, phytoplankton is the very best way to get these into the body as they are far more easily absorbed than any fish-oil based supplements and can actually cross the blood-brain barrier and are much more bio-available within the body.

Marine Phytoplankton For Treating Cancer

DAILY DOSAGE: We recommend taking at least 3g of 100% Pure Marine Phytoplankton; 1g taken 1/2 hour before meals as that is when the stomach is at its most empty.

You can read more about it’s other excellent health benefits here:

Canadian Man Believes ‘He Can Beat Cancer’

Kelly Barrows, pictured below, is a Stucco Contractor from the city of Nanaimo in Vancouver Island, Canada, and he wants to tell his story to everyone who is suffering from cancer, about his colon cancer which did a complete positive turnaround, in just over two weeks, after he started taking 100% Pure Marine Phytoplankton.


 Canadian man who Beat Cancer


 Ron Hiles - Canadian Man Who Beat Cancer – As confirmed by both his Doctor and his CT Scans

I expect that, reading these headlines above, you will obviously still be very sceptical of these claims. So was this person’s Doctor in Canada when I first told him about this unique and very powerful combination of products and the incredible results that we had witnessed from people using them; until he recently tested them out for himself on a patient of his who had inoperable stomach cancer; after which he wrote back to me with the following reply…

August 15th 2011

Hi Pete

This man has inoperable stomach cancer.

We did an open and close procedure 3 months ago.

He is supposed to be dead.

He has been on phyto and carnosine.

We need more ASAP – please.

I am starting to believe you!


He then wrote back to me on the 13th October 2011

Hi Pete

Well, my patient with stomach cancer is still alive and no cancer found on CT scan.

He is having problems with blood clots in his legs requiring anticoagulation and subsequent gastric bleeding needing transfusion.

Blood clotting in cancer is common.

Best wishes and thank you for your ongoing interest.


So he’s still not fully recovered yet, but he is still alive when, as his doctor said he should, in all reality, be dead, and his CT scan confirms that he no longer has any cancer!

We have now treated several people with this unique combination of products; all had been given less than three weeks to live by their doctors and all of them had complete remissions and, as far as we know, they are all still alive today. The patients we have treated so far have ranged from people suffering with breast cancer, stomach cancer, bowel cancer, intestinal cancer, throat cancer and ovarian cancer; so it seems to pretty much work across the board with any type of cancer.

L-Carnosine and Marine Phytoplankton effectively deliver a very powerful two-pronged attack on cancer. The L-Carnosine is selectively toxic to cancer cells and regenerates and rejuvenates the good cells. The Marine Phytoplankton provides the body with super-nutrition and energy to develop and grow healthy new cells and to win the fight against cancer.

You may also like to watch this very moving story about Tom Harper, a shellfish farmer on the West Coast of British Columbia in Canada, who was the first person to discover the excellent anti-cancer effects that Marine Phytoplankton has, after he was diagnosed with a very rare and inoperable mesothelioma lung cancer:

The other amazing side-effect to Tom’s already incredible story is that his diabetes also completely disappeared, as well as his cancer, and he had previously been taking 88 units a day of insulin for the condition for decades.




There are several different manufacturers of Marine Phytoplankton and not all are 100% pure phytoplankton powder. Many contain other much less expensive mixers, fillers and excipients. Because of an oddity in labelling regulations, manufacturers can put 100% Pure Marine Phytoplankton on their labels, even if the actual product only contains a small amount of the 100% Pure Marine Phytoplankton powder. One leading manufacturer promotes their brand of 100% Pure Phytoplankton as ’100% Pure’ but when you look closely and read on the back of the label each 500mg capsule only actually contains 50mg of 100% Marine Phytoplankton and 450mg of another, much cheaper, ingredient. So be very careful when buying Phytoplankton. Ethos Marine Phytoplankton is guaranteed to be 100% Pure Marine Phytoplankton Powder with nothing whatsoever added or taken away and with no added mixers, fillers or excipients. It also comes in a vegan friendly veggie capsule or, if you prefer, you can buy the 100% pure powder itself. It does have quite an unusual ‘fishy’ kind of taste to it, so personally I prefer to take the capsules myself.

As the old adage goes, ‘an ounce of prevention is far better than a pound of cure’, and both of these products have excellent prophylactic properties, as well as their many other excellent health benefits including; anti-aging, cellular rejuvenation and regeneration, protection against disease and illness, and they both help the body to heal itself naturally and holistically. For people who are not addressing any serious health issues, the recommended daily ‘maintenance’ doses are; 1g to 3g of L-Carnosine per day, dependent upon overall body weight, and at least 1g of Marine Phytoplankton per day.

A New Anti-Cancer Vaccine Looming up Brightly on the Horizon?

Cancer researchers have been studying the mole rat (Heterocephalus glaber), pictured below, as it is the only known living creature that is totally immune to cancer. Humans have one built in defence mechanism against cancer and, when this breaks down, cancer starts to develop and grow very quickly, but the mole rat has not only one but two different defence mechanisms which very effectively stops cancer from ever developing at all. It is not only immune to spontaneous cancer it is even immune to experimental lab induced cancers as well.

 The Mole Rat could hold the key to finally curing cancer
The Mole Rat – Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

Now that the scientists have finally discovered this, it shouldn’t take too much longer for them to replicate this effect in humans and to then develop a new anti-cancer vaccine which will finally put an end to this deadly disease once and for all. They hope that this might also unlock the key to our aging as well as the mole rat can live up to 31 years in captivity, shows very little signs of aging, and remains highly fertile right up until the time of its death. In the meantime, while scientists work to unlock the key to the mole rat’s cancer immunity, the unique combination of the two products discussed above currently appears to be the very best alternative cancer treatment yet to be discovered.

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